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How to Unpixelate Images Online for Free

"How do I unpixelate an image online for free? Help, please." - Nathan Writes

The internet is one of the best ways to share and store photos. But if you’re like most people and have been taking more photos than usual in recent years, you may also have a lot of images with pixelated details that may be hard to look at. In some situations, this is unavoidable; image sensors or recording conditions may limit what you can take pictures of. However, even with a high-quality camera, it’s not uncommon for an image to appear pixelated because of compression issues or low light.

Here we will introduce you to one of the best methods for unpixelating an image online with AI - AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI Online and removing unnecessary noise without compromising on quality.

Read on to learn how to unpixelate an image online for free.

unpixelate image online free

recommendPart 1: Why Do Photos Become Pixelated

There are various reasons why photos become pixelated. Some of the most common reasons for this are:

1. Low light

In low light conditions, cameras use a longer exposure time to let in more light. However, this causes the pixels in the sensor to become larger and, as a result, more noise can build up in an image.

2. High ISO settings

Higher ISO settings mean that the camera sensor will receive more light; however, it can also introduce more noise in the image.

3. Sensor model

Some sensor types are more susceptible to noise and artifacts compared to others.

4. Exposure model

An image’s exposure model controls how much light goes through the sensor. If the exposure model isn’t set correctly, it can cause images to be too bright or too dark. If an image is too bright, shadows may become pixelated as the sensor can’t record enough details.

5. Image Format

The image format can also have an impact on how pixelated or noisy an image appears. Images that are highly compressed may have a pixelated appearance.

problem Part 2: How to Unpixelate Images Online for Free

If your images are pixelated and you’re looking for a quick and easy way to un-pixelate them, a good place to start may be with an AI-powered image editing tool - AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI Online. It is a full-featured AI image enhancer. The built-in image depixelizer feature of AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI Online makes it easy to fix pixelated images online without affecting the overall quality of images.

What's more, AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI Online enables users to increase the images' resolution by 4 times without ruining quality, remove the noise from images, sharpen blurry images, etc. No advanced photo editing skills like Photoshop are required.

Photo Enhancer AI

  • Upscale images with super-resolution.
  • Sharpen images online 100% automatically.
  • Fix blurry photos by removing noise & grain.
  • Face Retouching tool to make portraits beautiful.
  • Naturally turn B&W photos into colors.
  • Calibrate and fix the color issue of photos.
  • Make the images' backgrounds transparent.
  • No editing skills are needed.
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Here are simple steps to unpixelate images online for free with AI.

Step 1
Add One or Multiple Pixelated Images to AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI Online

Access the online depixelate image tool with any web browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari) you have on your device.

avclabs photo enhancer online

Once on the web tool, click on the Upload Image button to import pixelated pictures. You are also able to directly drag and drop pixelated images to this online image unpixelating tool.

Note: The supported input formats are: *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.jfif and *.webp.

add pixelated images
Step 2
Choose the AI Model to Start to Unpixelate Images Online for Free

We suggest you select the Upscaler model to go forward.

Tips: AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI Online provides its user 100% to 400% options for scale size, simply choose the size you prefer. You are allowed to switch on the Face Refinement option to unpixelate portrait or selfies.

upscale old photo

Once all the settings are set up, tap on the Start Processing button to start unpixelating images online.

fix images resolution online
Step 3
Save Unpixelated Images to Computer for Free

After the image depixelated process is done, you can switch to the Processed Image tab and hit on the Eye icon to preview the original and unpixelated images.

unpixelate images online

If the result can satisfy you, just click on the Download Image button to save the unpixelate images to your computer. The output format is *.jpg.

download unpixelated images online

Tips: The processed photos will be deleted after 72 hours, please download them to your computer in time.

recommendPart 3: Tips to Avoid Generating Pixelated Images

Here are some tricks to avoid generating pixelating images.

1. Use a high-end camera

Always use a high-end camera to ensure that your photos are as high-quality as possible. In order to avoid capturing too much noise and artifacts, it’s recommended to always use a tripod and a remote shutter.

2. Use a low ISO setting

The lower the ISO setting, the less noise you’ll capture in the image.

3. Use a low shutter speed

The lower the shutter speed, the less noise you’ll capture in the image.

4. Use a long exposure time

The longer the exposure time, the less noise you’ll capture in the image.


If you want to un-pixelate your photos online, you can use an image editing tool like AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI Online to upscale, reduce noise in images or enhance the details in an image. As you can see, AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI Online helps you un-pixelate your photos with ease and without having to do any complicated editing. If you want to avoid generating pixelated images, it’s important to use a high-end camera and to use a low ISO setting.

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